DQB makes a move!

The Crowd

Hey there, Hyatt! We have our heels and lashes. You can find our dressing room requirements emailed to you ASAP!

We have LOVED performing at Cain’s Ballroom the last few years. This year, though, we’re taking a little vacay. We’re headed to the Hyatt Regency downtown. The girls are so excited. We can’t wait to see you there!




Do not, I repeat, do not try to pull one over on Ms. Tamia. She will check your card and send you back to your seat in tears if you’ve tried to B-I-N-G-O without your propers.

Oh, the bills….

DQB 2011

Don’t forget your presidents when you come to DQB this year. Our gracious performers always light up at the sight of green and so generously send their tips straight back to Our House Too for our household pantry, weekly dinners and food baskets.